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Tweet ratings inspired by We Rate Dogs (@dog_rates)



What is We Rate Tweets?

We Rate Tweets is a search-as-you-type experience for exploring your twitter timeline. Tweets are sorted by their total of retweets and likes, not chronologically. This makes it possible to see your most popular tweets at a glance, while increasing the chance that the first search result is the one you were looking for.

In the spirit of We Rate Dogs, a rating on a scale of 0-10+ is also applied to each tweet, using a graduated scale based on the total number of likes and retweets it has. Higher ratings are much harder to receive ;)

It was built to scratch our own itch of wanting a faster tweet search, and also to show developers how a fully-featured search application can be built and deployed in just a few hours using Algolia and Glitch.


What is 'Remix on Glitch' and why should I do it?

A remix is like a Github fork but for live code. Each remix gets its own unique URL and set of secure environment variables. Remixing a Glitch app creates a complete working copy that you can start to edit instantly.

There are several benefits to remixing We Rate Tweets, which include indexing a larger number of your tweets, indexing any public twitter timeline, and full customization of the look and feel, including the emojis are used for rating the tweets.

To start remixing, click the Remix on Glitch button in the top right-hand corner of the screen and follow the detailed guide in your new project's file.


How many tweets can I search?

The twitter user timeline API provides access to a user's last 3,200 tweets, fetchable in chunks of up to 200 at a time. For performance, storage and API rate limiting reasons, We Rate Tweets only fetches a user's last 500 by default. The real number of tweets indexed will be less because retweets are not used.

This is one of the advantages of remixing the app - in your remix you can change the NUMBER_OF_TWEETS_TO_FETCH environment variable to a higher number than the default of 500. Algolia's Community Plan gives you 10,000 records for free, which is plenty to accommodate all of the tweets you can get from twitter, even as you come back to reindex your new tweets.


Can I see an example of the search first?

Yes! Try searching @algolia's tweets or @glitch's tweets.